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We are currently in the Round 1 judging period. Any last-minute additions must be made and sent in by June 26th or else it wont be counted.

Elimination Rules
On June 10th (to accommodate for time zones) Judges will start grading each entry individually, based on the rubric below, and then add up the scores to the overall group grade.

The group with the lowest overall score will be eliminated. However, you will have access to one "restart" during the OCT that you can use if you get eliminated. Restarting will be explained below.

Also, thanks to ~nearmouse622 for asking a very important question about elimination. If three or more people don't submit entries by the deadline they will be disqualified automatically, wont be allowed to use their restart, and nobody else will be eliminated.

Winner's Benefits
There are two types of rewards this round: three for individual contestants, and one group reward.

The three highest individual scores will each gain a special bonus for the next round, based on how high their score is. These rewards may be anything from a temporary ally, to an item of power, to even access to some randomly helpful event. However, this reward must be utilized in the next round in some way, though it will remain open-ended like the wolf boss of this round was.

If you are apart of this top three, but were still on the eliminated team, then you are ineligible for the reward, and it will be passed down to the next highest score.

The highest scoring group will also be featured in the next story event, and will be considered the "canon" winners of this round, even if one of the highest scorers isn't apart of the group. However, no member of this team will gain an advantage in the next round unless me and the other Judges feel that the team or any particular member did something spectacular but still couldn't get into the top three.

Judging Rubric
While it is currently being thought up, and thus is a work in progress, my current idea for the rubric is as followed:

>Writing Mechanics: Spelling, grammar, things along those lines.
>Cleverness in Ideas: Cleverness behind the premise and creativity in how the given material was used
>Storytelling: Execution of the plot and interaction between characters.

Each of these are worth ten points each, giving any given individual a total of 30 points and any group a total of 90 points.

Every contestant is given one "Restart" that allows them to override an elimination, at a cost.

When your eliminated you may contact any judge personally or note the group stating that you wish to use your one restart. Once you do this, you get to continue the next round as if you, and anyone else who restarted, had survived the round.

However on the next round you begin with a "Glitch", giving your entry an extra boundary to get around. The Glitch functions as the opposite of a Benefit, making it so that you may loose access to something or gain a penalty/debuff of some kind.

While it must include it in your entry, like a Benefit, the main thing that differs it from a Benefit is that with a Benefit you merely get points deducted for not using it, while with a Glitch if it's not included in your entry will not be judged at all, and the round continues as if you were still eliminated.

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What would you do if I told you there was a game you could really get sucked into? What would you do if I said that you couldn't get out? Don't worry though you won't be alone. And hey, if you lose, you can always hit RESTART...
Founded 4 Years ago
Sep 23, 2012


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As Kezoviaz digitizes away, green sparks floating out of him, Scherzo turns to the remaining members.

"Well, that was a hassle. I'm sincerely sorry that it took that long, but now I have everything I need to keep others from being trapped in here as well." He explained, looking oddly relaxed given his previous movements. "That said, none of you will remember what happened here. As far as you were aware the people here were merely other players taking the same in-game quests as you, including your own creations."

He then waved as the rest of the world digitized similarly to Kevoriaz. "Toodles!" He called with everyone waking up in their beds the day after buying their game.



:bulletblack: Kez has won the tournament after her restart, earning 150 points.
:bulletblack: Guilt, our runner up, has earned 100 points for his effort in the round.

If our other judges with to add in additional prizes this journal will be edited to show their contributions.

Thank you all for your time and entries!
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krazykez Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014   General Artist
Wayheyyyyy - just submitted my Epilogue with 4 minutes to spare on the deadline! *Phew!* :phew:
krazykez Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014   General Artist
Damn...sorry to ask guys - but is there any chance whatsoever of an extention of some kind? Even if it's only by a couple of days - it's just that I'm pretty snowed under with work & a crazy busy schedule at the moment. :work:

Any kind of extra time would be appreciated..? ^^;
Dyxo Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
There might be a day or two extension on account of "I'm busy as shit and can't be bothered to update yet", but otherwise I don't want to draw out the final round unless a majority of the competitors need the time. And considering there's only three people this round it basically comes down to if one of the other two need it.

Granted one entry has already been finished, as far as I'm aware, so flip a coin on that.
krazykez Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014   General Artist
Um, sorry to bug you guys but where do you want us to post our R5/Final Round entries? There doesn't appear to be a folder? :confused:
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krazykez Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014   General Artist much for me trying to lighten the mood...:facepalm:...oh well - I enjoyed the pun anyway...:giggle:
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